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It is our conviction that the local church
exists to bring glory to our creator God by loving Him and loving our fellow man. This means all men. In particular we are to
look after those in need: the poor, the widows, the orphans and those suffering under oppression and injustice.

In pursuit of this charge and cognisant of
the blessings, giftings, passions and relationships that we enjoy, the Josiah
Trust was formed. Through the Trust we envisage being an "overflow of God's
grace" into our surrounding communities.

The Trust allows individuals and groups
from other organizations and areas to join
us as we seek to be God's hands and feet serving these communities!


            LIGHT TO LEARN
We are currently handing out 
solar rechargeable LED lights 
to the high school students 
who live in the shacks on the 
informal side. These children 
have to learn and work by
candlelight at night. We pray 
that this will help them reach 
their God-given potential and 
point them to the true light of 
the world.