All children have the right to learn - but in Klipheuwel, not all 
children have the light to learn.


As we interacted with the children from Klipheuwel, it became 

obvious to us that we needed to find ways to assist them academically
as well. One of the things that came to light (!) was that these kids
were doing their homework by candlelight as the shacks do not have
electricity. When it came to exams, studying at night was also by

We found out about an award winning LED light that is rechargeable
and solar powered at that.

We have started handing out these Solar Jars to the matric and grade
11 pupils to start with.


Our desire is that it assists them as they approach their final exams so
that they reach their full potential, but also are reminded of their
Creator - the true light of the world.