Our initial outreach was training between 30 and 60 boys in Jiu Jitsu and stand up fighting/MMA. Fitness is a major part of this outreach and through it we try to encourage healthy habits, self-discipline, courage and friendship in addition to relating it to the rigorous training needed to live the Christian life.




​A group of women led by Penny Taberner and Michele Cole meets with young girls from the community seeking to connect in order to influence and encourage them through Bible interaction, activities and conversations.







Many of the children in the area go hungry during the holidays as they no longer enjoy the feeding schemes operating through school. Many of these families struggle to put food on the table. We try to assist wherever possible to provide food for these children and families.




During the winter months we collect blankets and distribute them amongst the needy members of the Klipheuwel community. Many of the shacks are not waterproof and certainly not wind proof. These blankets go a long way to prevent illness and make life a little more tolerable at night.





Many people in the area live in shacks that are unable to keep out the rain, wind and cold. Through our involvement in the area we get to hear of children and women who desperately need assistance in this area. We have been involved in building several shacks for these people.



Our desire is that young and old come to know and love their Creator God. As part of this mission, we are committed to be of assistance in matters of health, academics and social development, but see a vital need for teaching and training in Biblical truth.



Throughout the community are people who are suffering because of a lack of access to good healthcare. We have been involved in helping several of these individuals - from burst appendix to wheelchair acquisition to ringworm to cataract.





God created this world for us to enjoy it too and so we strive to make life more enjoyable and interesting as we interact with the community.





​Soccer is probably the most popular national sport and so it makes sense to connect with the kids through playing and coaching.

The goal is to set up a local league by networking with other outreaches in neighbouring areas.


Holidays are a time when kids are looking for fun activities and it is an ideal opportunity to connect and enjoy the life that God has blessed us with.





Netball has proven to be a great way to connect with the older girls and involve the boys at the same time.





We were donated a lot of clothing and so we held a jumble sale! R2 for two items of clothing or goodies. We raised R548 - money that will be used to serve the same community.