As a result of the interaction that Michele Cole and the other women had with the Dreamgirls, it wasn't long before they recognized the academic gifting of a young lady called Zikhona.


Whereas we spend much of our time providing relief in various ways to the Klipheuwel community, we are conscious that relief alone can lead to patterns of dependancy and that God calls us to enable and assist people to be able to support themselves. As such, the recognition of the potential that Zikhona has to pursue and succeed in an educational direction spurred the team on to find the best way to stimulate and encourage her development and future career.


Through negotiation with and the assistance of the Durbanville High School, Zikhona has been enroled in grade 9 there. This is a phemonenal opportunity for the young lady and was a really proud day for her mom who has long recognised her potential but has been unable to give her daughter what she wanted to because of the obvious financial constraints that affect so many in the informal townships.


When one adds together the cost of transport (R22 a day by minibus - there is no other), school fees of R500 per month and school supplies, it is obvious that Zikhona and her mother's dream of this quality of education would have remained just that.


We thank God for the gifts he has given to this young lady and thank those of you that have supported her studies so far. We do need others to assist in this regard and request that you consider supporting her.