We welcome the involvement of people in 
any of the outreaches that we are involved
with as well as the initiation of new ones.

We would like to point out that we are a
Christian initiative and all activities have
this foundation.

If you have a particular gifting that you
feel will benefit the community we are
involved in, then please contact us.






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The Josiah Trust is established on a Biblical
Christian foundation. Our activities have at
their heart the belief that we bring honour to
Jesus Christ when we love Him and love our
fellow man. We have a God given directive to
look after those in need and to bear
testimony of Him by word and action.


It is our hope that through the Josiah Trust
we will train the minds and bodies of
hundreds of South Africans, not only passing
on a legacy of knowledge, ability and
understanding, but depositing Gospel truth in
their hearts to save the soul of our nation.


While we have been self funded, we are
aware that there is a much greater
potential to serve these communities in
partnership with generous individuals and businesses.

We are very grateful for donations of time, materials and money that have enabled us
to build shacks, feed children, provide
medical relief, provide blankets and
clothing, enter competitions, assist in
education etc.