Josiah Trust has been donated a section of vacant land right in the middle 
of the informal township. We praise God for the generosity of Mr Nico 
Knoop and his wife who have given us around 2000m2 with which we can 
pursue ministry within the Klipheuwel community.


At present we are involved in having the land sub-divided and transferred 
into the name of the Trust but have a lease in place for its use until such
time as the transfer takes place.


We have subsequently pursued the possibility of building a moveable 
structure on the land to serve as a base for our wrestling, dream girl 
program, gym for the boys, Bible studies, discipleship courses, future 
skills development programs, a medical clinic, kitchen for feeding and 
baking for profit ventures as well as being the venue in which to begin 
church services.


The structure will be made out of 3 Shipping Containers (that are 
converted so as to house the above activities) in a "U" shape with a roof 
over the central courtyard.


For anyone wanting to be part of making this venture financially viable, 
please forward financial contribution to the bank account on the following